Consulting services include specialized experts :
¤ Technical control services
¤ Theater engineering machinery system


Padyav Summary of design services
¤ Design and implementation of architecture and interior decoration of theaters and home theater, theater, conferences, meetings and conferences.


Provide administrative services to the project as follows:
¤ Design and implementation of key deliverables in time
¤Administrative services in accordance with approved plans

Our main principles

  • Testimonial #1

    All the materials and equipment used for the walls, surfaces and floors, acoustic fabrics, internal decorations, seats, carpeting, wooden parts, paint, etc. are fire-resistant

  • Testimonial #2

    All the professional equipment, machinery and accessories in the entire project are absolutely state of the art and based on the most advanced and up to date technology

  • Testimonial #3

    Persistent and productive mutual collaboration with Iranian and European reputable partners in the fields of acoustics, electroacoustic, interior design, lighting, HVAC, theater engineering and stage machinery.

  • Testimonial #4

    Steady membership in international professional societies and organizations in the field of cinema and theater engineering and projection systems and participation in specialized exhibitions and conferences in order to be synchronized and updated with the highest level of advancements and the most recent technologies of our field of activity.


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5-8 April 2016 at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt

page1_img1 Padyav group was founded in 1993 by Madous Roostaei and ever since together with PADYAV, Design + Installation has focused on its strategic goal of development and modernization of cinema halls, amphitheaters, music halls, opera houses, sound studios, etc. in Iran and overseas.

We offer our services based on a turnkey business model ranging from design, consultation and coordination between different engineering teams of each individual project to the selection of materials and equipment and eventually implementation, installation and preparation for utilization. With years of professional experience and the benefit of having a great team of expert technical staff and engineers, Padyav group is proud to proclaim its capability to design, implement and maintain any kind of multipurpose salon and theatre from the scratch.

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Foreign Partners

Domestic Partners